Wednesday, May 16, 2012


these words
we fold into ourselves
from the broad sheet of all possible words.

these words
we unfold at night
on a tatami mat of  breath.

behind fragile
walls we fold
into each other.

Here.  Listen.
a thousand paper cranes
take flight -



  1. Replies
    1. thanks K. it's a letter that forms its own envelope.

  2. The art of Origami is a fantastic source for contemplation of the human condition that has certainly inspired some of my favoriter efforts in the past. I love your take on the theme here, Bruce. It brought to mind a recollection of a story I heard years ago about Magpies and a claim that they quite practically unwind at the end of the day by repeating/mimicking the sounds they have memorised during the day.

    1. thanks for yer comment, Brad. as one so often does, i started with a lot more words, and folded & folded until only these were visible.

      regarding the birds (the birds the birds), which i note are corvids, i think perhaps we peeps do a similar thing...

  3. This is really something BD. A 'tatami mat of breath' so, so good. And the space beween the final stanza really lets it breathe...

    1. Thanks Graham

      for me, it's the sound of all those cranes, feathered with words, bearing messages. i need that breathing space, so i can hear them.