Monday, February 6, 2012


they stamp childness into floorboards
house folds them up in wideawake opendoors
billows bedsheets laundrywise
breathes them in
and out

they sing childness through walls
out windows into clearblue
house swings low a
woodendrone makingsong
hums and hugs it all the livelong day

they wind house into their plaits
wear cupboards for shoes
open house bookwise and draw
in the margins.  house dogears photographs
all stickycornered crackspined and tissueleaved

they shout about house quarrelsome
feedem patacake mudwiches
dress dollypegs shoot marbles for funsies
house squints along wooden arm
says keepsies

they run rings round house widdershins
sing crosstich rainyday fingerpricks
house spells magic alphabetty
knits cobbyweb sweaters knobwristed
fixes shadows on with cobblerspegs and gob oil

they splash house kettlesteam bathtime
wriggle slipperyfish soapsuds
p’tending littlepig tadpoles
house cups chubcheeks tenderloined
buffs roughpink in terrytowel

they play sleepover.  share beds pass out tumblepupped
under vanillamilk and honeyspeak
house eases a wooden buttock
on a stone chair
draws breath moth to light

they tell house seeyou clattershout doorslam
house rumbles emptybellied
coughs chalk dust
pulls greenrug round ears chillfingered
sings nighnight sleepytight seeyou

seeyou seeyou